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SEO doesn’t have to be a dark art. Putting it simply, its making sure that you website is compliant with Google best practices and the boxes are ticked on your site so it sits higher up in the google search engines.

What’s the point of having a website and being in business if you can’t get found online?

Our Focus is on Local SEO

Say you are a carpenter in Maidstone and want some local work. Then you would need to optimise your website for search in that area. No point having generic terms on your website as you won’t be able to compete. Somebody types expert carpenter into google, the chances of you turning up on the top page are very slim. However, ” Expert Carpenter Maidstone” has narrowed the search massively giving you a much better chance of being found by a local customer. And this is what are local SEO service is all about matching you up to the right customers to get found on Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever search engines you like.

Improving your SEO

The key to improving your SEO is finding your niche. So going back to the Carpenter example, you start looking at things like “fitted wadrobes in Maidstone” or ” bespoke shelving in Maidstone” and honing in on the services that you actually provide. This can involve creating extra pages on your website for those services or just tweaking some of the meta data on your site, or rewriting the content for search engines. All this is part of the SEO service we provide. We’ll work with you on keyword phrases that you want to rank for, and then do the work.

Ongoing SEO Updates includes but not limited to:

  • Website Content Updates
  • Technical Updates
  • Search Engine Optimisation for Google
  • Management of Google Places Page
  • LinkedIn/Facebook/Social Updates
  • Evaluating Competitors¬†
  • Reporting (supplied to you)

For more information on our SEO services in Maidstone, contact us today to see how we can help with your rankings.